Focus On ABC Preschool And Kindergarten Center

by NYC Firm Schools on June 23, 2011

The ABC Preschool and Kindergarten Center has one of the best looking preschool websites I’ve seen in a long time. It’s colorful and eye catching right from the start.

The school located on Lauren Hill Blvd. in the Woodside neighborhood of Queens, NYC. ABC Preschool and Kindergarten Center is tuned in all the time to early childhood development and makes that its mission through and through.

The center is focused on early childhood academics, beginning with toddlers. This includes a nursery school program, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. Each program is designed to give children a solid foundation in emotional, social, and intellectual development. This includes character development, social maturity, confidence building, and attention expansion. The basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic are essential.

Students learn to have fun in a structured environment. The program includes universal pre-kindergarten.

ABC Preschool and Kindergarten Center incorporates a special gymnastics curriculum into its program along with music and dance. Gymnastics build confidence, physical strength, discipline, and organizational skills. With music and dance, children learn to appreciate a variety of musical styles while developing their singing and listening skills.

For safety and security, ABC Preschool and Kindergarten Center have installed video surveillance equipment and a sophisticated alarm system, which is monitored by New York City police, fire, and EMS departments.

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