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Abraham Joshua Heschel School

The Abraham Joshua Heschel School is organized into four divisions based on the developmental levels of the children. From Early Childhood (nursery to kindergarten) to Lower School (grades one through five) and beyond to Middle School (grades six through eight) and High School (grades nine to twelve), the school (named in the memory of one of the great Jewish leaders, teachers and activists of the 20th century) is dedicated to the values and principles that characterized Rabbi Heschel’s life: integrity, intellectual exploration, traditional Jewish study and practice, justice, righteousness, human dignity and holiness.

In the fall of 1983, The school opened its doors to twenty-eight students with the commitment to offer a first-rate education in a diverse, Jewish environment.

The Abraham Joshua Heschel School carries the belief that children learn best by doing. Play is utilized as the medium for children to explore and expand their social as well as educational knowledge. Children are encouraged to ask questions and solve problems using the skills they learn through the educational classrooms and interaction with other children. The school’s curriculum includes very diverse areas such as

  • Language Arts: Children are encouraged to use language as a tool in learning communication efficiently through interaction with others, as well as sharing ideas, experiences and developing concepts on their own.
  • Social Studies: These studies revolve around self, family, community (classroom, Jewish and school). Children practice resolving conflicts, developing empathy for one another and learning to accept differences. In the earliest years the focus is on themselves and families.
  • Mathematics: Mathematics is taught as a foundation in which the learner develops an understanding of spatial ratios and relationships between objects, their attributes and their positions in time and space. In addition to basic mathematics, children are taught reasoning skills and problem solving..
  • Science: The goal here is to engage the child in stimulating activity and discovery of the world around them. Stimulating and exciting new minds keeps the child focused and the learning process fun.
  • Hebrew and Israel: As a leader in Jewish education, the Heschel School uses Hebrew as a spoken language daily in every class. The cultural and historical connections to Israel are learned.
  • Art: Each pre-kindergarten classroom is visited daily by an art teacher. Creativity and visual imagery is a gradual process, beginning gently in the early years with the used art materials in creating an open mind towards drawing, painting, collage, construction and clay.
  • Music: Classes meet once a week with a music teacher in order to learn about and perform singing, playing musical games and the use of percussion instruments.
  • With such a diverse and productive academic program the Abraham Joshua Heschel School is the perfect environment for any Jewish child.

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