Adelphi Academy Celebrates 150 Years

by NYC Firm Schools on September 21, 2011

150 years of anything is a glorious thing. If you ask the students and faculty at Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn, however, it’s truly significant.

On October 15, the school will begin its celebration of its 150th birthday. On that day there will be a live history lesson on the school’s lawn and a Civil War reenactment of an encampment with demonstrations of how life was during the time when the school opened its doors. The activities will include a recitation of the Gettysburg Address.

Adelphi Academy is no stranger to making public its lessons of historic events. The school opened this year on September 12, but on September 11 students and faculty honored the victims of the 911 terrorist attack. Students from the school were among others throughout NYC who created posters, which were hung along the waterfront in Bay Ridge.

Adelphi Academy is the oldest independent private co-ed college preparatory school in Brooklyn. Proud of its heritage, the faculty provide classes for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

With a strong academic and athletics department, Adelphi has a lot to be proud of. Other Firm Schools throughout NYC also participate in historic activities, but you can be sure when Adelphi Academy is in on the program it will be a truly memorable and educational event.

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