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Focus On Al-Ihsan Academy Elementary School

Al-Ihsan Academy is a school in Queens for Muslim boys and girls. Founded in 1989, the school’s focus is on providing an Islamic education to its students and preparing them for living in a non-Islamic environment. Students come from all over Queens and parts of Brooklyn. Transportation is provided.

The school is still, in some ways, in development. A good look at its website will reveal that curricular plans for all grades are not yet available. However, what is available is very telling.

Al-Ihsan Academy Elementary Curriculum

The elementary school picks up at first grade and runs through sixth. Starting in third grade, students receive a traditional curriculum that includes:

  • Art
  • Communication Arts and Reading
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Computer Education
  • Library Skills

There is very little change in the core curriculum through the sixth grade, but students do get progressively more challenging lesson plans and adopt more responsibility as they grow older. Sixth graders do pick up additional classes that include foreign language training. They also get checked for language fluency at three checkpoints in their training.

As they develop their skills in the core competencies, students mature and prepare themselves for middle school, which starts in the seventh grade.

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