Ascension School of New York City

by NYC Firm Schools on August 9, 2010

Founded in 1911, Ascension School is located on West 108th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam in New York City. The school offers a rigorous curriculum, creative programs to enrich its students, and Catholic values.

We offer a rigorous, faith-based academic program for Pre-K3 through Grade 8 that promotes the creative impulses of the individual student while fostering a lifelong passion for learning.  We also offer both Chinese and Spanish, and a variety of after school enrichment programs, everything from soccer and ballet to gymnastics and yoga.

The school believes in the uniqueness of each of its child and aims to help all their students reach their full potential by offering them a high end education and challenging curriculum as well as education in the major disciplines of art, music, dance, and physical education.

Early Childhood Education

Ascension School began using its Early Childhood Program for Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Second Grade in 2004. Fundamentals of the Program include helping ground children in the works of Piaget, Erikson, Vygotsky, Maslow and Gardner. The program is based on standards and the best practices of early education and is highly appropriate for young children. There is a rich multi-sensory/motor/language approach to learning and the school and teachers are committed to monitoring the progress of each student as an individual.

Program Goals Include:

  • Maximizing each child’s potential for optimal development and learning
  • Encouraging the unique strengths, talents and abilities of each student
  • Providing children with learning activities and experiences that support and encourage their needs and interests
  • Helping each child develop social skills and good character
  • Helping children respect and enjoy others who are both similar and different from themselves
  • Preparing each child to be a good citizen in a democratic society
  • Establishing a partnership with each child’s family
  • Educating children for the world of tomorrow

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