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Focus on Avenues High School

Avenues: The World School in Manhattan has seen some exciting growth since its opening in New York City in the fall of 2012, including the prestige of being named an Apple Distinguished School. This designation is awarded exclusively to programs meeting exceptional criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. The clear vision of an exemplary learning environment is experienced every day by the students enrolled in the Avenues High School.

The Culmination of A Careful Process

In many ways, the college process culminates in the upper grades at the Avenues High School because students are encouraged to make strong academic and extracurricular choices with an eye on the values that make this school unique:

  • academic excellence
  • identifying and pursuing passions through the Mastery Program
  • engaging in community at home and abroad
  • proficiency in more than one foreign language
  • individualized portfolios of writing, artwork, design projects, social innovation pursuits, internships, athletic achievements and international experiences

Since the process begins in the ninth grade, every student has had four years of informed education-based decision-making and personal development. The end of high school is not a gauntlet of expectations but a harvest of globally-minded experiences and a highly individualized college advising program.

The Preparation of A Global Perspective

While college is a natural culmination for Avenue students, the perspective being developed during the school years is well in place by the upper grade levels. The world these students are a part of is far more global than prior generations experienced. This means a global perspective is imperative during these formative years. Essential parts of the development of global citizens include:

  • feet-on-the-ground exposure to multiple cultures
  • fluency in foreign languages
  • knowledge of world history and likely future issues
  • highly integrated study-abroad programs

In addition to the global perspective, the personal passions of students are encouraged at the high school level. Faculty coaching and a superb technology infrastructure allow students to pursue their areas of interest, teaching perseverance and building confidence. The lessons of mastery in one area are transferable to another and provide a solid foundation for meeting the future as a competent global citizen prepared to make a difference in their world.

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