Focus On Battery Park City Day Nursery

by NYC Firm Schools on April 20, 2011

Located in Lower Manhattan, Battery Park City Day Nursery is a nursery school where every child is accepted as an individual. The cultural differences of each child are respected and children are taught to respect others.

Children are also encouraged to express themselves through creativity and play time. There are plenty of classroom activities that get the children to interact with each other and age-appropriate curricula are used to help develop children’s minds, emotions, and social skills.

Each child is allowed to learn at his or her own rate. No one is forced to move ahead or stay behind. Lessons are “hands on” and fun for the children. Their confidence is built through encouragement and activites that foster self-esteem.

Battery Park City Day Nursery also has a summer program available through July and August. The goal of the summer program is to develop trust through cooperation, exploration, and fun.

Events in the summer program include visitors, cookouts, nature studies, and thematic celebrations. There are also planned picnics and excursions to local parks. Children four and older can take field trips away from Battery Park.

A unique part of the Battery Park program is its ability to create a flexible schedule to meet any family’s needs.

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