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Focus On Beachbrook Therapeutic Nursery School

Beachbrook Therapeutic Nursery School is one of the most unique Firm Schools in New York City. Located in Brooklyn, the school was founded in 1988 by Dr. Joan Prideaux, a psychotherapist. The school is designed to provide emotional healing as well as a good head start in the educational process. It is a program ostensibly for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Teaching teams consist of a head teacher and two assistants. These teams are taught by Dr. Prideaux. The teams are given three children each to serve as primary caregivers. This small group intervention gives each child maximum attention, which is necessary for complete healing and education.

Each classroom consists of just nine children. The children targeted for intervention are ages 2-5.

Services offered at Beachbrook Therapeutic Nursery School include speech therapy, play therapy, occupational and/or physical therapy. The staff evaluate each child to determine their developmental needs and treat each child accordingly. The focus of the program is helping the child to grow in a loving environment toward his or her maximum psychological, social, and cognitive potential.

One of the unique aspects to the learning environment at Beachbrook is that children are placed in the same classroom based as much as on their differences as their similarities. For instance, two children with aggressive tendencies would be placed in different classrooms.

Parents are encouraged to participate in a weekly parent group meeting with Dr. Prideaux. For more information on the program, visit the school’s website.

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