Focus on Beginnings, A Toddler Program

by NYC Firm Schools on April 21, 2011

Beginnings, a Toddler Program and Nursery School was founded in 1983 in the East Village. It is now located on East 16th Street in Manhattan, NYC.

The school is committed to respecting children and modeling that respect before them. Educators play on children’s natural curiosity to teach the important lessons in life.

The educational philosophy at Beginnings is based on valuing and respecting the students instead of demanding respect from them.

The program is open to two year olds through five year olds. Classes are kept small so that children can have more one on one interaction with teachers. Age-appropriate activities are a major part of the educational process at each level.

Students have access to an arts studio, which has the primary purpose of being used for visual arts. Children work in the studio to increase their creative output and it is used also to foster their self esteem.

The educational process at Beginnings utilizes “in-depth investigations” at each age level. Toddlers, for instance, will spend a month working with clay, discovering new ways to mold it and use tools to shape it.

The phase-in process for each student involves a home visit by the child’s teacher. Each class begins as a half-group then works its way up to full time. The focus is on easing the child into the learning process and diminishing separation issues.

Beginnings, a Toddler Program and Nursery School is focused on preparing children for elementary school.


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