Bellevue South Nursery School

by NYC Firm Schools on May 2, 2010

Bellevue South’s program is eclectic, combining contemporary and traditional methodology. Here, a child is given the freedom to develop at his/her own speed in a supportive, noncompetitive atmosphere. Informal teaching takes place as a child expresses interest in particular subjects. Our principal objective is to provide abundant opportunities which stimulate creativity, initiative, appreciation of beauty, excitement in learning and enjoyment in social activity.

So states the program objective of The Bellevue South Nursery School.

As do all good schools, The Bellevue South Nursery School believes that children learn best through involvement and interaction. The school began in 1968 in the carriage room of the Nathan Strauss houses on East 28th Street. Six years later, the school relocated to its present location in Waterside. Here, the nursery has developed a fine reputation that reaches beyond the Waterside community into the New York educational community.

For parents, involvement is key as well. Each month, a parent is given the opportunity to serve as “parent of the month.” This is both beneficial to the student and the parent as well. During workshops offered, parents get to see first hand the learning and development of their child. And the child loves being able to show off their progress and activities. The learning environment is healthy and constructive. This enriches the parent also in the friendships they build. In addition, a monthly curriculum newsletter is sent to parents, providing an important link between school and home.

Operating through the parent-teacher association, parents provide some administration of the school as well. For many, the school has become an “extended family.” A place where they are always welcome.

As well, the school offers:

Room for dramatic play that houses a kitchen area, puppet theater, climbing apparatus and dress-up clothing.

The main room has areas for:

  • arts and crafts
  • manipulatives
  • water
  • sand
  • pets
  • blocks
  • language and math materials
  • computers.

Science, nature and cooking are also integral parts of the program. Foreign language is introduced to four year olds.

Music is part of the daily movement period. Stories are read throughout the day to small groups as well as the entire class. There is an exercise play period outdoors in one of the most exciting playgrounds in the city. Socialization, emotional and intellectual growth are primary goals at The Bellevue South Nursery School.

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