Focus On Bellevue Educare Early Childhood Center

by NYC Firm Schools on March 30, 2012

Faculty at Bellevue Educare Early Childhood Center see themselves as facilitators of an atmosphere that helps children grow into their fullest potential. It is a Manhattan school where children are encouraged to grow and be their best.

The school uses the High/Scope educational methodology.

High/Scope is a preschool curriculum that creates an active partnership between adult teachers and children students. It is often called “intentional teaching” and relies on techniques for helping children learn to deal with conflict.

One of the hallmarks of the curriculum at Bellevue Educare Early Childhood Center is the layout of the classroom and learning equipment. The learning environment is organized into areas that facilitate specific activities such as play, “house,” toy room, books, sand and water, etc.

By planning each day’s activities at the same time teachers allow children to feel like they have more control over the environment because they know the routine.

The High/Scope curriculum has five key educational content areas:

  • Learning approaches
  • Language, literacy, and communication
  • Social and emotional development
  • Physical development, health, and well-being
  • Arts and sciences

Bellevue Educare Early Childhood Center has an infant program, a preschool program, a toddler program, and a universal pre-k program. Both the infant and toddler program are designed along the same curriculum mindset as the preschool High/Scope curriculum. Children learn best by direct hands-on experience, and faculty at Bellevue Educare Early Childcare Center make every effort to facilitate that process.

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