Beyond Elementary Admissions: The ISEE

by NYC Firm Schools on October 13, 2008

Private School Admissions tests for the secondary school grades have entirely different expectations for both students and parents. The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) test is the most common test for entrance into private middle schools, high schools, boarding schools and even military schools.

The ISEE test is designed to help assess a student’s academic ability in specific subject areas to determine their suitability for admission into Firm Schools.

Which students take the ISEE?

The ISEE is used for secondary school levels from 4th grade up, and as such, is administered on three different levels to accommodate students at different ages and academic levels.

What are the three testing levels for the ISEE?

Lower level ISEE test: This level is for students in the 4th or 5th grades applying to the 5th and 6th grades

Middle level ISEE test: This level is for students in the 6th or 6th grades applying to the 7th and 8th grades

Upper level ISEE test: This level is for students in the 8th grade applying to the 9th grade and above

What is on the ISEE?

The ISEE consists of standardized verbal and quantitative reasoning tests that measure a student’s capability for learning, and reading comprehension and mathematics.
The test provides specific information about an individual student’s strengths and weaknesses in those areas. All levels include a timed essay written in response to an assigned topic. The essay is not scored, but a copy is forwarded to the recipient schools along with the Individual Student Report, which shows scaled scores, percentiles, and stanines. (Stanine is a fancy way of saying STAndard NINE: a method of scaling test scores on a nine-point standard scale with a mean of five (5) and a standard deviation of two (2).

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