Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School

by NYC Firm Schools on July 29, 2010

Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School adheres to the Roman Catholic tradition and brings together all those united by a common bond. The school provides spiritual, educational, and social opportunities that coincide with the aim of Catholic education as defined in the pastoral, ‘To Teach as Jesus Did.’

‘The  ideal of Christian education will best be realized by programs which create the widest opportunities for students to receive systematic catechesis, experience daily living in a faith community, and develop commitment and skill in serving others.’

The school was created in 1962 as a memorialization of Francis X. Ford, “Brooklyn resident, Maryknoll Bishop and a man of great personal courage,” to remember his great example to children. A private Board of Trustees assumed stewardship of the school in 1976 and renamed the school Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School. The school went through many changes after that time, one of them being to transform it from an all-boys school to co-educational.

The school structure and location are quite colorful and the building boasts an unusual design, a reflection of the Chinese mission that was so important to Francis X Ford, who was martyred in China in 1952. It is located in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, at 500 19th Street, and occupies the site of the old Brooklyn Trolley Barns where a Federal prison stood during the Civil War.

Inquiries for admissions are accepted throughout the year. Prospective Freshmen need to take the TACHS test, a standard test to determine aptitude in verbal and mathematical abilities. The school admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin. All students are required to wear the appropriate uniforms.


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