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Focus On The Blue School Preschool

The Blue School, located on Water Street in Manhattan, started as a program for early childhood learning but has since expanded into a program for preschool children through eighth grade. The school is divided into three programs:

  1. Pre-Primary, for ages 2-4
  2. Primary School, for grades K-5
  3. Middle School, for grades 6-8

Pre-Primary Education at Blue School

Students in the Pre-Primary Program at Blue School get an early start on the day and meet for a morning greeting where they sing songs and plan the day. After that, growing and discovery gets on the way as the students burst forth full of energy.

Activities include:

  • Growing plants
  • “Moving through light and space” in the Glow Hall
  • Learning the alphabet
  • Creating wood sculptures
  • Painting

Students learn about science, language, and telling stories, and they develop social skills as they learn and play.

Important Aspects of Learning at Blue School

One of the most important aspects of the curriculum at Blue School is creative expression. The classroom acts as a studio as children learn to sing, move along with the drama instructor, and work with language.

Social learning is also very important. Students have plenty of opportunities to interact with each other as they play and learn. This also allows them a chance to learn more about themselves.

All learning and development is based on age and maturity. Two year olds learn differently than four year olds, so the learning environment remains age-appropriate.

Each year, there is an academic goal for the students. This too is based on age and development, but faculty stress skills development for each student as they learn and grow. Students work toward readiness for primary school.

Learn more about the Blue School Pre-Primary Program.

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