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Focus On The Blue School Primary Program

The Blue School is a relatively new school in New York City and in a short time has captured the essence of change in American education that a lot of people have been looking for. The school offers a preschool component, or Pre-Primary Program, a Primary Program, and a middle school.

The Primary Program consists of students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

The Blue School Primary Program

Students at the kindergarten stage of development are in an integration stage where they are taking bits of knowledge and skill from many areas and figuring out how they work together. Faculty at Blue School understand this. Therefore, the focus at this stage is to help young primary students get over that hurdle and progressively develop into mature older children.

Thinking logically, classifying objects, anticipating outcomes, and solving problems is the curricular focus.

Students learn to complete tasks and develop great self-confidence. They learn to play together while developing autonomy and taking risks. Children are exposed to the arts, sciences, history, and math in ways that are fun and exciting.

Course material includes:

  • Language arts
  • World languages
  • Mathematics
  • Scientific inquiry
  • Human studies
  • and global citizenship

Students take the time to learn their place in the world and how to integrate into the broader culture of the world. When they leave fifth grade they are ready for middle school.

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