Focus On Bright Stars Nursery School

by NYC Firm Schools on April 6, 2012

If you want to get into Bright Stars Nursery School in the Bronx, then you’ve got to act fast because classrooms fill up quickly. The school was founded in 1998 and is a fully licensed day care facility. They are a very popular early childhood education program because they offer children a fun place to play and learn.

The day care offers full day and half day educational programs. They are also open year round.

The regular school calendar operates from September to June. However, Bright Stars offers a summer camp, both indoors and outdoors, in July and August.

Family is very important to Bright Stars Nursery School. While it is a day care facility, they exist to foster a learning environment. All the colors in the classrooms are bright and vibrant and the play areas are fully stocked with age appropriate games and toys.

All children are treated as unique individuals. Bright Stars also imposes structure on the children because young children love it and thrive on it. They also have a strong desire to learn and explore and Bright Stars Nursery School gives them that opportunity.

The toddler program at Bright Stars services young children 20 months to 2 years. The Early Learner program was established for children 2 to 4. The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is designed for children ages 4 and 5. The Bright Stars staff’s goal for every child is for them to leave the school with critical thinking skills and the ability to succeed at the next level of education. They will also be children with a higher self-esteem and a winning attitude.

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