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Focus On British International Preschool

The British International School is one of the most unique schools in New York City. Located in Manhattan overlooking the East River, this school offers an international education for nursery school students through eighth grade.

The program is divided into an early years program for nursery school students ages three through seven, a primary years program for students ages seven through eleven, and a middle years program for students ages eleven to fourteeen.

Each of these programs is divided into Years with the nursery school program covering up to Year 2. The Primary program covers Years 3 to 6 and the Middle years program covers Years 7 to 9.

British International School Preschool program

The early childhood education program at The British International School is designed for students ages three through seven.

Students receive a strong academically stimulating program in a relaxed atmosphere designed to prepare them for the primary grades. Students develop some independence at this age while learning how to take risks. They become more responsible, learn to make better decisions, and grow academically while pushing through the English National curriculum. The structured environment develops critical thinking skills, problem solving, and inquiry-based investigations.

Each student learns how unique they are and how to respect others for their uniqueness. Students learn by doing as they move between work and play and enjoy a wide variety of classroom experiences.

When they leave the early childhood program, students are ready for primary school.

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