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Focus On British International Primary School

The British International School is one of New York City’s finest and most original schools. A part of the international school tradition, the school uses the English National Curriculum along with the International Baccalaureate Curriculum.

Education begins in preschool and runs up through the 14th year. Students are divided into an early childhood program, a primary school program, and a middle school program.

British International School Primary Years

The Primary Years program at British International School is for students in years 3 through 6 of the program, or ages 7 to 11. Traditional grade classifications are 1 through 5.

The educational formula at the British International School is holistic. Students continue the “transdisciplinary” nature of the early childhood program and become more mature and independent as the educational process develops their academic skills. Disciplinary training develops an understanding of multiple subjects simultaneously.

Students learn to communicate better, think more clearly, socialize, conduct research, and manage their own behavior better.

Teachers are encouraging as they help students develop more independent thinking skills. They take students on frequent field trips, use multimedia presentations, meet professionals in a variety of fields, construct play areas that represent the topic of study, and conduct interviews and surveys. Students also perform community service as a part of the learning process.

In Year 6, students participate in the PYP Exhibition. This is a significant event in the International Baccalaureate program.

As they transition into middle school, students engage in an in-depth inquiry into a real world issue. They explore multiple perspectives on a topic, apply learning from previous years, demonstrate independence, and reflect on their educational journey.

When they leave primary school, students in the British International School are prepared for the rigors of middle school.

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