Focus On Broadway Presbyterian Church Nursery School

by NYC Firm Schools on April 6, 2012

Broadway Presbyterian Church Nursery School, located at 601 West 14th Street in New York City, is an exclusive nursery school that accepts only 20 students each year. While exclusive, the school does not discriminate however on race, religion, ethnic, or economic background.

The school is open to children ages 2.9 to 5 years old and offers a rich curriculum focused on diversity.

Broadway Presbyterian Church Nursery School is a preschool with a warm welcoming atmosphere and an investigative learning environment. Children choose their own interests and have a large degree of autonomy. The school uses the emergent curriculum and uses it to provide learning opportunities on a wide range of topics for preschoolers designed to help them succeed in elementary school.

The teaching is very hands-on and students learn how to play together in groups while solving problems. They play indoors and outdoors and participate in such activities as yoga, mindfulness, music and movement, cooking, story acting, game playing, building blocks, scientific explorations, and more. Children also receive language development support, creativity building, build friendships, learn empathy, and help each other solve problems.

There is a morning and a full-day session. Most students attend school five days a week, however, there are a few partial week opportunities.

School facilities consist of two adjacent rooms allowing for teachers and faculty to split the students up into large and small groups as necessary. Parents are encouraged to participate in the education process at Broadway Presbyterian Church Nursery School. The school also has frequent special events and a six-week summer camp.

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