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Focus on Brooklyn Autism Center Academy

Brooklyn Autism Center Academy is a school for Autistic children that uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach children ages 5 to 16. The academy employs a one-on-one approach to autistic education ensuring that each child receives the individual attention that they need.

The Brooklyn Autism Center Academy focuses on teaching children both academic courses along with the necessary social and community skills. There is also a focus on self care that helps each child become a more independent person. The activities of the Center are not only in-house. Children also frequently go on field trips, learn to roller skate, take nature walks and various other activities that are based on not only the individual needs of the child but also to help him to integrate into the larger community.

Education at the Center is tailored to the specific needs of each individual child. This is not only for daily school activity but also for home use as well. Parents are required to spend at least 2 hours per month learning how to transfer these skills to the home life of the child. This not only helps the child to feel that they are more of a part of his larger world. It also provides the continuity that is so important for someone who is autistic.

The Center also offers lectures and meetings to help parents better understand their child and how to meet his needs.  Consulting services as well as family training are also available.

For more information, visit the website of the Brooklyn Autism Center Academy.

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