Focus On Buckley Middle School

by NYC Firm Schools on January 14, 2013

The Buckley School is one of New York City’s finest boys schools. Broken down by classes designed by I through IX, the Middle School at Buckley consists of Classes IV through VI.

In Class IV, boys study the fundamental courses: English, History, Math, and Science. Additionally, foreign language courses, such as French and Spanish, are offered. There is also an SLA curriculum available that “reinforces the reading, writing, speaking, listening, organizational, and executive-functioning skills taught in the general curriculum.”

Class V boys have a more advanced level of the same curriculum as do students enrolled Class VI. Middle School students also have a Drama department for their participation.

The Arts Department in the Middle School is an integral part of the curriculum, emphasizing both visual and performance art. Students continue their studies in music, drama, and crafts (“instill and develop a lasting love and appreciation for working with wood”) while appealing to creative thinking skills and encouraging their exercise.

Athletics are also a big part of the student life at The Buckley Middle School. Buckley is a member of the Manhattan Private Middle School League and the Metropolitan Private Middle School Track and Field Association. Student athletes can participate in baseball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, gymnastics, football, lacrosse, track and field, and a variety of other games. Boys in Classes V and VI have a wider range of choices available.

Technology, community service, and a shared Middle and Upper School library are also important learning assets to boys enrolled in The Buckley Middle School. Buckley is a traditional school that offers a strong foundation that prepares boys for high school, college, and beyond.

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