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by NYC Firm Schools on June 28, 2014

Cathedral School in Manhattan is a unique kind of independent school. With an early childhood program and an upper school, the K-4 lower school program is excellent at taking students from the former and preparing them for the latter. Here’s what the Cathedral Lower School program has to offer.

First, the school has a very low student to teacher ratio at 10:1. Secondly, the curriculum is designed to bring out the best in each student while encouraging creativity and a lifelong love of learning.

From the Cathedral School’s website:

Independent learners are first and foremost independent readers.

The focus on the lower school is to make early readers fluent by building upon the basic skills learned in preschool. Writing is integrated into every other curriculum subject so that students learn to communicate and express themselves with the written word.

The Cathedral School uses the Singapore Approach for mathematics.

In social studies, students start close to home and fan out to the broader world as they learn about their place in the world and how to interact with people from other cultures. The science curriculum gives students an opportunity to learn through experimentation and discovery.

Two things that set the Cathedral Lower School apart from other independent K-4 schools are a focus on learning the Greek language and study of religion and ethics. The Religion and Ethics curriculum is a two-track program based on the beliefs of the Greek Orthodox Church. Children learn to apply the principles learned to their own lives.

Also included in the curriculum are art, library studies, computer lab, chess, and physical education.

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