Focus On CDC – Kingsborough Community College

by NYC Firm Schools on April 28, 2012

What happens if you are a student at a community college in New York City and you have a young child? Where do you send your children while taking classes? If you are like a lot of parents who are also students, you have to find a sitter or affordable daycare. Some community colleges offer a service that meets a growing need. Child care. And they turn it into an educational opportunity for the children of their students.

One community college that has been offering a child development service for the past 40 years is Kingsborough Community College located in Brooklyn.

The Kingsborough Community College Child Development Center is focused on providing a rich educational experience that stimulates the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of the child. The center’s primary focus is on development meaning they take into consideration where each child is on the natural path of development and reach each child at that stage.

Children learn through play and socialization. Based on that, the Kingsborough Community College CDC operates with a teaching staff that provides play and socialization opportunities throughout the day.

The service is open to children ages 2 years and 6 months to 5 years of age Monday through Saturday in the fall and spring and Monday through Thursday in the summer and winter. There is even an extended day option through 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

If you are a student at Kingsborough Community College and your child is old enough to enroll, this is a terrific option get your child into a natural development track by trained professionals.

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