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Focus On Chabad Early Learning Center

We’ve written about Chabad Hebrew School in Queens. Today we’re going to discuss Chabad Early Learning Center on the West Side of New York.

The Chabad Early Learning Center is a ministry of Chabad West Side, a learning center for the whole family.

The curriculum is designed to develop each child’s intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth. Children play games and participate in activities that are designed to improve their basic motor skills, cognitive skills, and other early learning skills.

Children learn to socialize with others, work on building strength and dexterity through physical education, work on the appropriate and respectful ways to interact with others, assist children to motivate themselves and to solve problems, and they learn about Jewish traditions taking pride in religious holidays and celebrations.

Chabad Early Learning Center is located near Central Park in Manhattan.

The school also has a summer camp for children ages 2 through 6. The center has state-of-the-art playground equipment and indoor facilities. In camp children listen to music, participate in exercise and movement classes, have fun with art projects, and play a myriad of sports including learning to swim.

Chabad Early Learning Center incorporates the emergent curriculum into its thematic approach to learning. Teachers and staff maintain a daily schedule to keep activities moving along at a fair pace and to keep the children active, occupied, and focused on the learning principles. Each lesson is delivered in an age-appropriate style and teachers help children develop with their individual portfolio.

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