Focus On Chabad Neshama Center

by NYC Firm Schools on April 21, 2012

Following along in the Chabad tradition, the Chabad Neshama Center is another Jewish preschool located in New York City. Chabad Neshama is situated in Brooklyn.

Chabad Neshama provides a wide array of religious and cultural activities for the Russian American community in Brooklyn including a Jewish preschool. The Chabad Neshama Preschool & Daycare is a unique bilingual environment where the teaching staff communicates in English and Russian.

The curriculum begins with the toddler age and continues through preschool. There are part-time and full-time educational opportunities available at Chabad’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Each child is treated as a unique individual as they are encouraged in their development along a natural growth path that includes a commitment to cognitive development, social development, emotional skills development, and physical development. Each child is encouraged to be creative and to learn how to solve problems while indulging their natural curiosities.

The daily schedule is planned and provides each child opportunities to learn at his or her own pace and at an appropriate pace for their age. They play, read books, engage in dramatic acting, use blocks and other activities that enhance their motor skills, and participate in scientific discovery.

Classes include a nursery, pre-nursery, and pre-kindergarten. Chabad also has a kiddie camp for the surrounding community.

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