Chapin’s Upper School Program

by NYC Firm Schools on August 18, 2009

The Chapin School, a private girls school in NYC, kicks into the high gear during the Upper School years, aggressively preparing their students for entrance into chosen Colleges and Universities. The school offers 16 Advanced Placement courses to meet students’ high-level achievement goals in a variety of subjects, effectively giving them college credit and experience before they leave high school.

Learning objectives for the Chapin Upper School include

Continue to establish a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences through a rigorous college-preparatory program Individualize the course of study through electives and course selections Refine the ability to think analytically, critically and creatively Emerge as a confident public speaker and capable writer Explore interests in fine arts and technology through elective classes Participate in school life, especially club and student leadership activities Determine the best course of study for the years beyond Chapin and succeed in achieving those goals

The Chapin School has a college entrance program specifically for their older students in order to define exactly which higher educational facilities are the right match for the student, and providing the student with the right tools to get there.

The College Guidance program puts the student at the center of the process as she considers the best options for her education beyond Chapin. It encourages each young woman to take pride in her own particular strengths and ambitions. This program includes a series of individual conferences, group meetings, writing and interview workshops, financial aid seminar, parent meetings, an Interschool College Night and visits from numerous college admissions representatives.
A knowledgeable and thoughtful college counseling staff evaluates specific information for each student, including grades, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, outside interests and summer experiences. Every Chapin senior is able to make an informed decision about her future because she learns to make good use of the many resources that the school offers her. Chapin believes that the student, her family and the school should work together as partners in the process of investigating and attaining as many options as possible for the student’s years beyond Chapin.

The Chapin school proudly places the College Entrance statistics on their website, detailing how many students were accepted to which colleges and universities, and also how many of those accepted chose to enter. The students were accepted into such schools as Princeton, Georgetown, Yale, and many more.

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