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Focus On Child Study Center Of New York

Preschool children with special needs have few resources to help them get a head start on education. Established in 1981, the Child Study Center Of New York is one of those resources.

The center approaches special needs education from several disciplines including speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, physical therapy, and art/music therapy.

CSC is a non-profit educational center with 94 employees. The school has fewer than 300 students and is located on Clermont Avenue in Brooklyn. A sister campus is located on Staten Island.

Programs include

  • Daycare/nursery
  • Special education
  • Special Class Integrated Setting (SCIS)
  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten
  • and several enrichment programs

First Class Daycare is the name of the daycare facility at the Brooklyn campus. It is a for-profit entity dedicated to mainstream children in the community. The special needs classes are funded by the city and state and provide free transportation, tuition, and meals. SCIS is also publicly funded and provides opportunities for children with disabilities to receive an integrated education alongside their non-disabled friends in school. Universal Pre-K is designed to help young children develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills in an age-appropriate setting to prepare them for kindergarten.

The Child Study Center Of New York is a great resource for any parent of any socioeconomic background to reach their special needs children and help them develop along their natural path during their early childhood years.

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