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Children’s All Day School (C.A.D.S.)

Children’s All Day School for kids from six months to five years old is a great place for children to enroll in preparation for their eventual attendance into New York City private or independent school.

The philosophy of the school is to allow children to grow at their own pace through a nurturing and trusting environment. Children play and learn in a natural and academic setting, allowing them to have fun while setting the stage for eventual higher academic studies. As stated on the very attractive and informative C.A.D.S. web site:

Throughout the day at C.A.D.S., emphasis is placed on helping children acquire skills that enable them to deal with a variety of situations. Our primary aim is to guide them to become aware of relationships that will ultimately lead to the power of abstract thinking.
The importance of the social interactions that the children encounter within their day are a valuable part of their education and provide opportunities for learning about living in a world where people need to get along.

Pre-School: Learning for pre-schoolers is especially fun at C.A.D.S. They play throughout the day, however, this play is carefully structured to include math and reading as well as “hands-on” activities using sand, water, blocks and art materials as well as cognitive activities related to science, language and math.

Pre-Nursery: The teachers in this grade are all well trained and specialize in early childhood development. Three times each week, music and movement specialists work with the children. Each exercise is individualized and age appropriate.

Everyone at C.A.D.S welcomes parent involvement. Daily charts noting eating, sleeping and other functions are made available and parents are encouraged to provide us with similar information.

If you are planning for your young child to attend a New York private school, or just want a great educational start for your toddler-age son or daugter, C.A.D.S. is there for a great start.

Children from C.A.D.S. were accepted at the following schools in 2009:

  • The Birch Wathen Lenox School
  • The Brearley School
  • The Browning School
  • The Buckley School
  • The Chapin School
  • Ethical Culture School
  • The Hewitt School
  • Horace Mann School
  • Hunter Elementary School
  • Manhattan Country School
  • Marymount School of New York
  • The Nightingale-Bamford School
  • Park East Day School
  • Philosophy School
  • The Solomon Schechter School
  • The Spence School
  • Trevor
  • United Nations International School
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