Focus On Christian Heritage Academy

by NYC Firm Schools on December 19, 2010

Christian Heritage Academy is a non-denominational ministry of the Christian Heritage Church and Christian Heritage Ministries, which is located in Brooklyn, NYC on E. 42nd Street.

The school’s core philosophy is that academic excellence is open to all children if financial barriers are removed. That’s why the school is funded by the church and donations from generous members of the ministry and its supporters. The church and school are fully committed to helping each child that enters their doors reach their full potential in a safe Christian environment.

The academy curriculum covers pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The early childhood program is based on a rich curriculum of literature, hands-on practical math and science application, music, physical education, and age-appropriate stimulation. Grades 1-6 are given plenty of opportunities to enrich their thinking and enhance critical thinking skills with literature-based learning, math and science, foreign language instruction, music, art, social studies, and physical education. In grades 7-12, students incorporate computer lab training, Internet instruction, a strong communication arts curriculum designed to further strengthen critical thinking skills, physical education, more foreign language, field trips, and opportunities to receive college credit for instruction in grades 11 and 12. Religious education is also given at every grade level.

Christian Heritage Academy was founded in 1999.

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