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by NYC Firm Schools on May 4, 2012

City and Country School takes childhood education seriously. Children learn through a process of natural curiosity. This is the basis and the hallmark of the teaching structure at City And Country School, located on West 13th Street in Manhattan.

The school is open to children ages 2 through 13. Caroline Pratt founded the school in the height of the Progressive Education movement in 1914. Many of her ideas are still incorporated into the learning process. Since learning is a social process, faculty at City And Country School strive to build a community of young learners that teach each other as much as they learn from the staff.

Children will often come into knowledge on their own. The staff at City And Country School see themselves as facilitators who provide opportunities for learning.

At the heart of the educational process is social studies. The Lower School uses blocks as a catalyst for learning, which leads into a Jobs Program in the Middle and Upper schools. It is in the Jobs Program where children learn by participating in real-life activities that mimic situations they will encounter as adults. They learn math, reading and writing, pick up creative and critical thinking skills, and learn how to solve problems.

The Blocks Program for toddlers teachers children to use their creative minds to solve problems and learn about the world around them. This is a time when children are encouraged to experiment and learn as they play.

While at City And Country School children encounter many scenarios that provide opportunity for learning. They come in contact with science, art, foreign language, music, physical education, sports, technology, and many other fun and exciting activities.

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