Focus On Clara Muhammad School Of Masjid Khalifah

by NYC Firm Schools on December 22, 2010

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn is the Clara Muhammad School Of Masjid Khalifah, a school dedicated to developing moral excellence in its students from the moment they enter its doors.

Clara Muhammad School Of Masjid Khalifah provides a curriculum filled with academic rigor and serves a predominantly African-American Muslim community. The school got its start in 1934 and underwent some major reorganization in the 1970s when it received its name.

All subjects taught at Clara Muhammad School Of Masjid Khalifah use computer technology for greater enhancement and enforcement of the subject matter. Intensive instruction is given on the following subjects:

  • Arabic – Students get a chance to read, write, and speak in the Arabic language, including conversational Arabic.
  • English – Students also learn to read, speak, and write English with emphasis on the best literary works available.
  • Mathematics – Students solve problems and learn to use math in every day dealings.
  • Science – A variety of teaching methods are used to teach students about the importance of science in their lives and they are encouraged to participate in the annual science fair.
  • Social Studies & Islamic Studies – Students learn about society and how to interact culturally with others while learning more about their own religion and its beliefs.

Students engage in a challenging curriculum every day at Clara Muhammad School Of Masjid Khalifah.

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