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Claremont Prep Renamed Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

Parents, students, and staff at Claremont Preparatory School in Lower Manhattan have gone through a series of significant changes over the past year. First, Drew Alexander was named the new Head of School. Next, Claremont Preparatory School was sold by MetSchools, Inc. to Meritas, LLC to become the tenth school in their for profit network. Now, although the rumor surfaced in March 2011, Jenny Anderson reports that Claremont Preparatory School will be renamed Léman Manhattan Preparatory School.

And no, the school has nothing to do with Lehman Brothers, which is what many New Yorkers think upon hearing the name. The name comes from Collège du Léman, a Swiss boarding school that is part of the Meritas network.

Besides Léman Manhattan Preparatory School (FKA Claremont Preparatory School), the other nine schools in the Meritas network include:

  • Collège du Léman (Switzerland)
  • Léman International School (China)
  • Instituto San Roberto (Mexico)
  • Lake Mary Preparatory School (Florida)
  • North Broward Preparatory School (Florida)
  • Rancho Solano Firm Schools (Arizona)
  • Henderson International School (Nevada)
  • The Village School (Texas)
  • Windermere Preparatory School (Florida)

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