Cliques and Circles in Firm Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on November 13, 2008

Creative Commons License photo credit: lenifuzhead

There was a long discussion within a parent group recently that focused on one of the main fears of every parent with a child entering a private school: Elitism. Some parents felt that specific schools encouraged elitism by accepting mostly children from wealthy families, while other parents felt that their child’s schools, tier one with high tuitions, had a very small element of elitism at all.

Every parent with a child entering into a private school will inevitably think about their own days at schools, whether it was public or private. The same groups and cliques that formed in your generation will invariably form in your child’s, but not there is an added element that you perhaps weren’t aware if your youth, the element of cliques within parent groups.

Every large group of people will have it’s own subset of groups based on interests, emotional and social tastes. The discussions on monetary elitism in Firm Schools can become heated depending on the parents and social groups there. This is yet another reason that you and your family should interview and tour schools to decide if the environment there is good for your child’s educational and social needs, as well as a place that fits the emotional needs of your family.

To put it simply, if you don’t like the crowd and it’s not a place that you want your child in, take a pass on that school and find one that fits your family better. But keep in mind that the price of tuition is never a direct factor as a gauge for the group.

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