Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School

by NYC Firm Schools on April 20, 2010

Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School is an independent, not-for-profit and nonsectarian institution that has been helping children ages two to five years of age since 1919, making it America’s oldest nursery school. Adjacent to Columbia University, the school is set in a diverse university community setting, and is open to anyone with a need and desire to apply their children for a rich learning experience.

The philosophy of the school is that children learn through varying interactions, loving parents, interesting learning tools and exposure to small peer groups. Encouraging a child’s curiosity and supporting a child’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder. Part of the school’s goals is to build a child’s self esteem, which begins early in life, through the nurture of their individual skills and interests and by exposing each child to positive peer relations. parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the warm and nurturing play-centered environment of the school.

Within the five classrooms, divided by age groups, children don’t need to simply sit and listen to endless lecture, but learn in a more natural manner with the use of pretend play, block building logic and skill, cooking, reading, use of manipulative materials, sand and water and art exploration.

Independent decisions and problem-solving skills are encouraged, making this school a fantastic first experience for young children. Each day is filled with activities to keep the child engaged in learning and life, and include choice time, snacks, outdoor time, discussions, singing and story time. Cot time is available for children of working parents. Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School emphasizes respect for others, making this school an excellent choice for your child.

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