Focus On Columbus Pre-school

by NYC Firm Schools on May 5, 2012

Columbus Pre-school is located on Columbus Avenue in New York City. Children attending Columbus Pre-school get a good background in academics and care from a nurturing staff of professionals. The learning model is based on the natural ability of children to explore the world around them and create their own learning opportunities.

The school is set on a 10,000 square foot learning environment. That includes 5 full classrooms, a library, and an enclosed roof top playground. There is also a 3,000 square foot gymnasium, fully equipped with gymnastic equipment such as balance beams, uneven and parallel bars, floor mat circuits, a vault, a trampoline, and a horizontal rock wall. The rooms are bright and cheerful and serve as a great environment for children getting their first introduction into the controlled learning environment.

The school library houses more than 1,200 books. It is open to all students and their families before and after school.

Children have fun playing on the playground where much of the social learning takes place. They can expend their energy on the state-of-the-art toys and equipment as they learn to play together, socialize, and solve problems.

Columbus Pre-school also hosts a summer camp every year. It is committed to providing children ages 2 to 5.6 years a warm and personal experience beyond the school year. The environment is supportive and age appropriate.

Columbus Pre-school offers parents an opportunity to volunteer and participate in their child’s education through the PAC (Parent Action Committee). Join the community, have fun, and help your child learn.

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