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Corlears School: Diversity Through Progressive Education

Corlears School was born out of a pioneering spirit and has grown into a New York City staple among nursery schools.

Started in 1968 by a group of parents and a nursery school leader, the school focuses on a unique atmosphere of creativity and social engagement. In their own words:

Educational practice at Corlears is based on the belief that educating students to be well informed, socially engaged, critical thinkers is essential in order to sustain a healthy democracy.

The Corlears School culture can best be defined as collaborative. Educators are not afraid to involve parents in the community life of the school and parents have become accustomed to being a part of the educational process. Students are encouraged to see the world from multiple perspectives and not just from their own. School administrators pride themselves on basing their educational model on equality and social justice with an outlook toward a better democracy.

Creative problem solving and progressive educational curricula are the hallmark of Corlears, which you can get a glimpse into with this video.

The educational program is child-centered and interdisciplinary with classes in social studies, science, literacy, mathematics, the arts and physical education. Technology is used as an enhancement, not the central element of education.

Corlears School is located at 324 West 15th Street in New York City, zip code 10011.

If you’re looking for a nursery school for children age 2 up to grade 5, there is no finer school than Corlears, which prides itself on its diversity. As well it should.

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