Dalton School Kerfuffle

by NYC Firm Schools on February 7, 2013

The New York Post reported today (and subsequently picked up by the Daily Beast, Gothamist, Atlantic Wire, Business Insider) that the Dalton School sent out an email with the names of rejected students, those who withdrew, and those with pending applications to boosters and alumni.

According to the article,

The revealing e-mail went out as part of a fundraising effort to have school supporters lobby parents of recently rejected kids for money, sources say. Recipients, we’re told, were encouraged to make contact with the families in an effort to broker better relations and deepen the potential fund-raising pool.

Dalton’s spokesperson Jim Zulakis acknowledged some type of breach of policy:

“Dalton’s policy is to treat information about applying families confidentially. We were informed there was a breach of this policy, and we are taking all steps so it will not happen again. As a matter of practice, we do not solicit families who are in the admissions process.”

This situation raises a number of questions, including the relationship between fundraising and admissions, confidentiality, and the person/people/process responsible for the accidental or purposeful breach.

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