December is Admissions Testing Time! Preparation Part 1

by NYC Firm Schools on December 2, 2008

The month of December can be a frantic one for many parents of children applying for private school in NYC. Not only are there many Holiday functions and details to attend to, but the true reality of the admissions process hits in December; preparing for school admissions tests.

We’ve given a lot of advice on preparation for entrance, placement and admissions tests, but this time we’d like to give some advice on the other side of preparation. Some of the tips are common-sense types, but believe it or not there are parents every year who kick themselves for not doing these very simple things.

Here are some helpful hints to prepare your child physically and emotionally for the admissions tests.

• Make sure they are well rested before their exams, even if this means them going to bed an hour earlier than usual each day for a week before they actually take the test. A tired child cannot function well during extended testing times. TIVO their favorite show if you need to, but no staying up late for a few nights before the tests.

• Although cramming is not recommended for these admissions tests, having your student review their workbooks beforehand serves as a good refresher. Remember that information is stored and processed into long term memory while we sleep. If your older child is up cramming information all night, that data will not make it into long term memory for the test. Review. Study. Then sleep for a solid 8-9 hours at least for an older child.

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