Focus On Dimitrios & Georgia Kaloidis Parochial School

by NYC Firm Schools on December 31, 2010

Dimitrios & Georgia Kaloidis Parochial School of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church offers universal Pre-K and an elementary school education that attempts to teach children the basics of Christianity and how to live a life of faith.

From the school’s mission statement, DGK provides education that:

  • Teaches orthodox Christian values
  • Helps students achieve their best potential while encouraging self esteem
  • Cultivates an appreciation for respect of others
  • Holistically incorporates culture, religion, and citizenship into the educational process
  • Promotes cooperative learning
  • Employs teachers who promote themselves as positive role models
  • And maintains open communication between school and home

Students at Dimitrios & Georgia Kaloidis Parochial School are expected to follow the school uniform code. Boys in kindergarten through eighth grade will wear a blue polo shirt with logo, navy blue dress pants, a tie, and black rubber-soled shoes. This is the everyday dress code unless formal attire is mandated.

Girls in kindergarten through fourth grade will wear a navy jumper with logo, knee-high socks, black Mary Jane shoes with rubber soles, a blue Peter Pan knit top, and a few optional accessories; this is the everyday attire and will be worn unless formal dress is expected.

Girls fifth through eighth grades will wear a knee-length skirt with a polo shirt with logo, a tie, and other required and optional clothing worn by younger girls.

It is the philosophy of DGK that uniform policies reinforce the standards of educational excellence being taught at the school. For more information on DGK, its uniform policies, and curriculum, visit the school’s website. The school is located in Brooklyn.

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