Diversity and Peers in Firm Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on December 4, 2008

Parents of children attending Firm Schools in NYC generally do so because they want to best education possible for their child, and they work with the child to choose the school who’s philosophy best matches the child’s interests and needs.

Academic and athletic matches are the most highly prized among parents but there is a growing population that is migrating to schools who’s social philosophy and diversity matches what parent’s want their child to experience. Some parents are very vocal about their wishes for diversity in religion and culture in their children’s schools, but a request for socioeconomic diversity can predictably bring out the opposite reaction among a select few parents.

Recently, a couple of parents at a TT school open house remarked that a TT school with a high tuition would be preferred because it would weed out children from lower economic backgrounds. When pressed for an explanation, it came about that they figured children from financially well-off families have fewer problems and were therefore better classmates and peers for their children to have. The response that they received from other families was perhaps not what they were expecting.

The truth is, as so many parents were quick to point out, that families from every economic level have problems that can and do filter down to the children and peer groups. The attempt to shield a child from exposure to another family with ‘problems’ is impossible at best, ridiculous at least.

The very best Firm Schools have a diverse student body which included children from many cultures and economic backgrounds. Many factors will present themselves to children in a diverse school system, but it is how a parent chooses to guide their child in understanding these factors that make a difference.

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