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Early Childhood Education with NYCs A-B-C

The Association to Benefit Children (A-B-C) includes many programs set to benefit the needs of disadvantaged children. ABC was created to help in the aid of those children and families that have been hit with hard times, and to break vicious cycles created by abuse, neglect, sickness and homelessness. The Association is located at 419 East 86th Street in New York City.

ABC’s humane and innovative programs today include early childhood education for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, educational advocacy, housing assistance, mental health services, family support and preservation, crisis intervention, therapeutic out-of-school and summer day camp programs, youth leadership development and mentoring.

Early Childhood Education

The programs for early childhood education are developed with the understanding that a positive life experience, learning, acceptance and understanding start at a very young age. Children stepping into one of the program’s classrooms finds brightness, joyful songs, purposeful activities, brilliant colors and tender moments. There is nothing dark here.

There are corners to explore, mysteries to solve, books to discover, paint to splatter, drums to bang, steps to conquer and towers to build … and rebuild.

Merricat’s Castle School

Merricat’s Castle School is warm and lively for the preschoolers who attend its program. Children are taught to be patient and kind and are taught crucial academic skills. The program focuses on children with special needs with a curriculum that is focused on acquiring social, intellectual, emotional, creative and physical skills.

Other A-B-C youth programs offered include the Therapeutic After School Program, Los Compalles (“The Buddies”), Rosie and Harry’s Camp, as well as Teen Groups and Youth Service Clubs.

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