Educational Stability in NYC Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on February 7, 2010

As the planning stages continue to develop for new NYC Schools, more news is heard regarding new institutions that are replacing those slated to close. NYC Schools that were considered low-performing were given closure notices earlier this year and now we are hearing about new schools that will eventually be moving in.

The Jamaica High School building will soon house two smaller High Schools within its elder halls at 167-08 Gothic Drive; The Hillside Arts and Letters Academy and the High School for Community Leadership. The Hillside Arts and Letters Academy proposes plans to focus on visual arts, music and writing as specialties in their academic Curriculum, while The Community Leadership School will, as its name implies, emphasize a curriculum focused on community service. It is said that a third school will be housed at Jamaica the following year.

There has been a lot of debate on the closure of the older Jamaica High School, with many advocates pointing out great improvements in safety and quality of education in the past few years.

Some have argued that the same students who attended Jamaica High School will attend the new High Schools and the same teachers who taught at Jamaica High School will teach at the new schools. Though admission and employment are not guaranteed to anyone who is a part of the current system, because of this, many have said that the new schools are simply a renaming ceremony.

Disturbances in the continuity of education can be detrimental to any student and the retention of highly skilled teaching staff should always be a top priority. The continued restructuring of the NYC School System has increasingly led many families to seek a NYC Private School education for stability.

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