February NYC Private School Admissions Process

by NYC Firm Schools on February 1, 2009

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February is a quiet month for NYC private school admissions. There are only two (big) items on your to-do list, and those are only there if you haven’t already completed them.

• Don’t miss the deadlines: Most schools’ applications are due in February at the latest.
• Do school visits or shadow days for the student if you haven’t already.

February is a very quiet and sometimes difficult month in the NYC Private School Admissions process. During the past six months, your family has undergone a difficult journey in preparation for the upcoming private school year and now is the quiet before the storm.

If you have fully completed your due diligence with private school application for your child then you will have already completed the application forms, ensured that all references were sent, applauded your child’s essays, checked and rechecked that test scores and current transcripts have been sent in. All copies of the application have been filed away in your child’s personal folders and now you wait.

If, by some strange and crazy happenstance with the space/time continuum, you have not sent in the application for your child’s private school, then you had better get on the phone and walk it right into the admissions office, because February is almost always the very last time to get it in. While some schools do have a revolving admissions calendar, most expect all applications to be in and filed for decision by February.

February is also a very common month for students to complete a tour with a school’s “shadow” or “ambassador” program and provide you with valuable feedback about the general environment and daily happenings in the school itself.

March is coming around the corner, and with it comes acceptance time for NYC Firm Schools. Just hold in there!

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