Financial Aid for the Coming School Year: It’s Not Too Late!

by NYC Firm Schools on November 23, 2008

If your child is applying to Firm Schools this year, than you have probably already requested financial aid information from your potential schools and found out about their FA application deadlines. Some schools have firm admission application deadlines for students, and most follow suit with specific FA deadlines.

Some schools, however, have rolling admissions dates for students and rolling financial aid dates. This is especially important this year because many private school families have been hit hard by the downturn in the financial sectors of NYC. These families are finding that, for the first time, they are not sure if they will have enough funds available to come up with the tuition for their child’s schooling in the coming year. For families in this situation, financial aid for the upcoming year may be the best option.

If you think that your family may need financial aid for the upcoming year, talk to your school(s) and ask about the deadlines for FA that you may have missed, and if anything can be done about it. It isn’t too late to request financial aid for the coming year if you act on it quickly.
The general FA timeline runs much like this:

September through late November: Request Financial Aid information from schools
Late September through late November: Receive Financial Aid forms
November through late January: Submit your Financial Aid information to schools or Loan/Grant foundations
February and March: Financial Aid decisions are made and sent out to the families

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