Financial Costs and Private School Tuition

by NYC Firm Schools on November 18, 2008

For many families, the very idea of a private school in NYC is synonymous with tuition costs. The fact is that while everyone will agree that private school education is not cheap, it doesn’t have to break your budget.

When parents are researching the right Firm Schools for their child, they are focused on one main point; quality of education is the goal. It is the number one reason why families turn away from public schools that they simply do not feel are the right educational choice for their child. Private School tuition, however, is the number one factor for families that shy away from even considering Firm Schools as an option.

Affording a Private School Education:

Affording a quality education takes both research and some planning. Most families employ several strategies to keep the costs of education within reach of their specific budget, and no one strategy will be the perfect fit for every family.

Each school’s tuition varies so much that there is no way to simply create a list for everyone to go by. Indeed, the best of Firm Schools usually employ a sliding scale for tuition costs to enable both high and low income students to attend. Two children from two different families can attend the same school at drastically different tuition rates.

In addition to schools with sliding tuition rates, there are many forms of financial aid available to students and their families to help keep private school education within reach to all who wish to attend.

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