Focus On First Friends Preschool

by NYC Firm Schools on May 22, 2012

On the Upper West Side of Manhattan there is a nursery school that serves the neighborhood and has served it faithfully since 1979. The school is called First Friends Preschool.

First Friends treats each child as an individual and develops a learning plan for each child as individuals. Social learning is stressed, but each child develops at his or her own pace.

The school enrolls children ages 2 through 5. Each has his or her own learning style and learns at his or her own pace. Teachers and staff work with parents to help them develop along a natural learning path. The foundation of learning at First Friends Preschool is the environment. Staff goes to great lengths to make the environment warm and nurturing.

The curriculum is a play-based curriculum that includes lessons in reading, music, art, movement, drama, and games. Children learn and grow and develop along their own personal arc in social skills, cognitive awareness, emotional development, speech and language, and physical stamina.

The social/emotional curriculum helps children develop an awareness of self while learning to take responsibility for themselves and others. The cognitive curriculum teaches children to become lifelong learners. The speech and language curriculum emphasizes vocabulary, letter recognition and letter-sound association, and connecting the relationship of reading to real life. Physical development consists of dance, yoga, and hopscotch as well as the building of motor skills and hand-eye coordination through game play, creative toys, and other fun activities.

First Friends Preschool is a fun environment that helps children to develop naturally at their own pace.

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