Focus On Alef Bet Preschool

by NYC Firm Schools on March 18, 2012

Alef Bet Preschool is a part of the Chabad Israel Center. The school has outstanding ratings on health and safety from parents and other community members.

The school attempts to help young children develop better social skills while training them for elementary school. Jewish traditions are emphasized and children are encouraged to grow in the Jewish faith.

The curriculum is based on the idea that children learn best by doing. In that regard, all the school’s activities are geared to teaching children to live in the world by giving them activities that reinforce the Jewish faith and the individual’s personality. Each child has his or her own goals and education plan.

Elements of the curriculum include:

  • Show & Tell
  • Free Play
  • Physical Education
  • Musical Rhythms
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Hebrew Language
  • Shabbat Ima & Aba
  • Pre-K Nursery Class Alef
  • Nursery & Pre-K Class Bet & Gimmel
  • Pre-K Class Gimmel

Play time is a vital part of the early childhood experience. It also presents the best opportunities for learning. That’s why Alef Bet Preschool puts such emphasis on the Free Play part of the day allowing each child to solve problems, develop motor skills, and socialize with others in a safe environment.

In physical education, children play indoors and outdoors. They play games, dance, stretch, and perform aerobics. Yoga and karate are also taught with a special instructor once a week.

The Hebrew Language class exposes children to the modern oral language of Hebrew. Hebrew is spoken throughout the day as Jewish holidays and special days are studied. Children also learn Hebrew songs and games.

Parents can learn more about Alef Bet Preschool at Chabad Israel Center on the center’s website.

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