Focus On Bambi Day Care Center

by NYC Firm Schools on March 23, 2012

If when you think of Bambi you think “cute,” then you’ve come to the right place. Bambi Day Care Center is Brooklyn’s answer for where to drop off your cute little ones for day care.

More than just a day care, however, Bambi Day Care Center offers early childhood education to help young children get off to a good start and prepare for preschool. Faculty treat each child like a unique person and see themselves as being available to foster the natural growth and development of your child.

The curriculum is based on an integrated play-based paradigm that relies on the natural curiosity of children. Faculty don’t just throw children into a room so they can play. They try their best to create a stimulating environment for the children and regulate the day to include naps, meal times, music, educational activities, play time, movement, and outdoor play. Supplemental activities are also offered in addition to the normal classroom and play activities.

All children are supervised throughout the day and are never left unattended. The caregivers are trained in early childhood education. The toys are clean and safe and have no sharp edges, so parents can feel certain of their child’s safety.

Bambi Day Care Center is licensed and subject to the state’s health and cleanliness inspections. A diaper changing station is located away from the toy and play area. All play areas are enclosed and the surfaces of the play equipment are soft.

While at Bambi Day Care Center, children develop mathematical skills, practice their motor development, learn numbers and letters, and work on their vocabulary. It’s one of Brooklyn’s finest day cares.

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