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by NYC Firm Schools on May 24, 2010

Basic Trust, located at 225 West 99th Street in NYC,  is a day care with a unique program that focuses on the nurturing aspect of a child’s learning, and supporting their unfolding development. The daycare center utilizes a home-like setting, grouping various ages for a diverse experience. 

Basic Trust lets parents share the raising of their children in a close community. We create a safe, comfortable and consistent environment for kids to grow, staffed by people who love them and care for them. We also provide another lens through which to look at your child’s developmental issues, helping parents to answer questions like “when will he start talking?” or “why does she hate her bath?” The kids form very, very strong relationships with us and the parents do too.


  • Basic Trust is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
    * Parents must arrive at the center by 5:45 p.m.
    * If you would like to relax for a few minutes with your child, or talk to a teacher, please come early enough to fit it in.
  • 3 full-time care givers for 8-9 babies
  • 3 full-time care givers for 10-11 toddlers
  • 4 full-time teachers for 18 big kids. 
  • Interns are used from Bank Street and YALA program.The director is on site on a full-time basis.
  • Basic Trust has a full time cook who prepares a midday meal plus two snacks. These meals provide high quality nutrition.
  • Whenever possible, Basic Trust will meet special dietary needs.
  • Please do not bring candy, gum or nuts to Basic Trust.

Families can send their children to the daycare three to five days a week, depending on their preference. Each day, children partake in various and learned structure activities. These are relayed in an interesting prose on the web site where you will find more information.

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