Focus On Beit Rabban

by NYC Firm Schools on September 23, 2010

Nestled on West 70th Street in New York is a cozy little Jewish school called Beit Rabban. Community life at Beit Rabban can be explained from this tagline, taken from the Babylonian Talmud, from the school’s website:

“The world is sustained by the breath of the young children of Beit Rabban.”

Beit Rabban is a classical Jewish term that means “school for young children.” The educators at Beit Rabban consider learning an intrinsically human action, therefore it is taken seriously. The goal is to lead children to self discovery and make them “reflective, knowledgeable and responsible participants in the world.”

Beit Rabban students are immersed in Hebrew at a very early age. In addition to this language education, students are encouraged to take part in community service in order to learn the balance between their own needs and the needs of others. The Beit Rabban philosophy is based on respect of the individual that celebrates curiosity, mutual respect, authenticity and service to the community.

At Beit Rabban, students learn how to think for themselves because they are encouraged to ask tough questions about life and about what we know. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and reaches outside of traditional Judaism to include secular resources with the end goal being a complete, thoughtful human being ready to mature into adulthood and make a positive impact upon the world.

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